Saturday, 13 Jun 2015

Stay Cool in Hot Summers

Tips to survive Indian summers

Heat wave was announced officially in India (parts of) recently. So it has become a priority to think of ways to be physically and mentally cool in this scorching and deadly heat. Here are some tips we would like to suggest to survive the heat:-

Skin care

Sensitive skin is one of the first victims of the scorching heat. As most of us know the UV rays of sun are harmful for the skin and more so in the summers with high temperatures intensifying the effect.  Sun screen lotion becomes the basic protective gear especially for women or men with sensitive skin.
Some other products which you can use to take care of your skin and keep it healthy include under eye cream, face pack, fairness cream, face wash, anti wrinkle cream and anti acne cream. It is good to consult a dermatologist or skin specialist to understand your unique sensitivities and nature of your skin to find out suitable products.

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Kokam fruit of Maharshtra/ Goa and coconut in coastal India have coolant properties for the body and can prevent dehydration and related problems. Lemonade is popular in other parts of India. Keep a water bottle handy when travelling and refill it as and when possible. Eat lot of juicy fruits and raw vegetables with high water content like cucumber.

In case you are travelling, it is good to keep a right sized thermos bottle depending upon your family size and distance of travel. Many people faint due to dehydration and extreme heat and need to be rushed to a general physician immediately.

Cover your head

Cover your head to avoid a heat stroke. Use a cap or similar stuff. In case you drive a two wheeler, clean your helmet regularly in summer as sweating can make it smell and breed micro organisms.

Avoid temperature fluctuation as far as possible

Many of us move out of chilled air conditioned rooms into hot climate outside and have bouts of sneezing. Give some time to your body to adapt by waiting in the shade for few minutes before stepping out. At your home or owned office, keep your air conditioning at moderately cold temperature only.

Keep the children and old people safe

Children and old people are the most sensitive to heat stroke and other summer related problems. Keep an extra watch on their needs and sensitivities.

Stay safe, spread affection

We appreciate people who do voluntary service of offering drinking water on main roads to the travelers. Let the summers get a little cooler by spreading some unconditional affection to your family and people around you.

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