Saturday, 22 Aug 2015

Living with Nature

“The proper use of science is not to conquer nature, but to live in it,” - Barry Commoner

How can we live with nature? Don’t we need to conquer nature to construct dams, to create gadgets and to build factories? Don’t we need to outsmart nature to create smart cities?
No we don’t need to. We can use more eco-friendly options such as create products which cause lesser damage, minimize usage and control wastage and use recycled waste as raw material.

Let us take some examples of how we can live with nature and develop a sustainable lifestyle.

a)    Organic food- From cereals to spices, from snacks to pulses, products are available in the market which are free from pesticides (or use natural pesticides). There are more and more innovative products being launched from organic tea and coffee to organic oils and condiments. The damage caused by chemical preservatives has been proven in research and natural preservatives are slowly catching up in F & B industry.

b)    Health and Wellness products- Green food supplements, blood purifier, immunity support products are gaining popularity and new herbal medicines and supplements are being launched every day. Babies tend to be more sensitive and special products are also available for babies and new mothers.

c)    Nature care cosmetics- The range of natural cosmetics include products for skin care, hair care, body care, eye care, oral care and feminine hygiene. New products which have come up in recent few years include lip balm, herbal kajal and herbal moisturizer.

d)    Home care products- The category includes fragrances, home utilities, gift items and devotional products (like agarbathies). Many products are available for home decoration like wall décor etc. Bags, purses and clutches made of jute have also become popular.

e)    Home & office construction- Whether it is exposed brickwork or natural ventilation and cooling, there is an increased demand for eco friendly construction. Few decades ago there was only one architect Laurie Baker known for such practices, but now there are many such architects across India building both homes and offices which are environment friendly. Eco-tourism has also become popular which encourages hotels and other tourism services to be more ecological.

Benefits of Living with nature

Living in harmony with nature can reduce waste, improve community relations, encourage innovation within company and often reduce costs by using recycled waste etc.

Living with nature is the need of the hour. It is in the interest of the humanity to spread this ecological awareness as soon as possible before we reach a point of no return.

“Pollution is a signal that the ecological systems on which we depend for our life and our livelihood have begun to break down and are approaching the point of no return.” - Barry Commoner