Thursday, 19 Nov 2015

Eco-friendly What does it mean?

Eco-friendly has been a buzzword in the past few years and so have been related terms like green, go green and so on. Eco friendly simply means earth friendly or not harmful to the environment. Usually the term refers to products that contribute to green living or industrial and consumer practices which help in conservation of natural resources like water and non-renewable energy. Eco friendly products do not cause air, water and land pollution. On the other hand eco-friendly industrial / consumer practices are about conscious usage of natural resources.

Characteristics of eco-friendly products

The major characteristics of eco-friendly products are as follows:-

1.Friendly towards environment
2.Manufacturing process and usage design keep human safety in mind.
3.Products are non-toxic in nature.
4.Usage of sustainably grown ingredients
5.Ingredients are grown without using toxic pesticides.
6.Products are of two categories a) Biodegradable and b) Made from recycled materials

While biodegradable products break down through natural decomposition, products made from recycled materials are created out of waste products.

Are eco friendly products always friendly to environment?

There have been some marketing campaigns and products which have done greenwashing or presenting non eco friendly products as eco friendly to increase product sales by appealing to environmentally sensitive buyers. Therefore certification agencies have come up. For e.g. Eco mark is a certification mark issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) since 1991 to products conforming to a set of standards aimed at the least impact on the ecosystem.  Other examples include U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Energy Star program or a consumer-advocacy group such as the Green Good Housekeeping Seal.

Eco friendly practices of 3 R's or RRR

RRR means Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. For example: taking a shorter shower reduces water usage; using bathwater to water plants is reuse; and purification of rainwater for consumption is recycle.

Are you using eco-friendly products and consumption practices? Let us pledge to buy natural and practice 3R.