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Thursday, 19 Nov 2015

Eco-friendly What does it mean?

Eco-friendly has been a buzzword in the past few years and so have been related terms like green, go green and so on. Eco friendly simply means earth friendly or not harmful to the environment. Usually the term refers to products that contribute to green living or industrial and consumer practices which help in conservation of natural resources like water and non-renewable energy. Eco friendly products do not cause air, water and land pollution. On the other hand eco-friendly industrial / consumer practices are about conscious usage of natural resources.

Characteristics of eco-friendly products

The major characteristics of eco-friendly products are as follows:-

1.Friendly towards environment
2.Manufacturing process and usage design keep human safety in mind.
3.Products are non-toxic in nature.
4.Usage of sustainably grown ingredients
5.Ingredients are grown without using toxic pesticides.
6.Products are of two categories a) Biodegradable and b) Made from recycled materials

While biodegradable products break down through natural decomposition, products made from recycled materials are created out of waste products.

Are eco friendly products always friendly to environment?

There have been some marketing campaigns and products which have done greenwashing or presenting non eco friendly products as eco friendly to increase product sales by appealing to environmentally sensitive buyers. Therefore certification agencies have come up. For e.g. Eco mark is a certification mark issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) since 1991 to products conforming to a set of standards aimed at the least impact on the ecosystem.  Other examples include U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Energy Star program or a consumer-advocacy group such as the Green Good Housekeeping Seal.

Eco friendly practices of 3 R's or RRR

RRR means Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. For example: taking a shorter shower reduces water usage; using bathwater to water plants is reuse; and purification of rainwater for consumption is recycle.

Are you using eco-friendly products and consumption practices? Let us pledge to buy natural and practice 3R.

Friday, 16 Oct 2015

Cricket for the Green Motive!

AMA Herbal, the company that focusses on developing natural and eco-friendly products had made an effort to promote the message of eco-friendliness through sports. AMA Inter Industrial Cricket League , an Initiative by AMA Herbal, was recently organized at R.D.S.O Stadium. Associated companies of TIEIOA and IWA U.P were the part of the league. Total eight teams were formed and the league matches were played on 8th and 9th October 2015. Team AMA Vegetal defeated team AMA Bio in the final and won the AMA Inter Industrial Cricket League.

The event guest list includes Mr. Mohammad Yunus President of TIEIOA & IWA U.P ,MD of AMA Herbal Mr. Masood Zaidi, CEO & Co-founder of AMA Herbal Mr. Yawer Ali Shah, Ms. Shabana Shah ( In Board of Directors of the Company), Ms. Jabeen Masood ( In Board of Directors of the Company), Mr.Arshad Ali Shah, Mr.Mazahir Raza ( Technical Director AMA Herbal) Mr.Sandeep Deshpande, Mr. Anand Kumar Verma GM AMA Herbal & Event- Coordinator. MD Encardio RITE Mr. Amod Gujaral, Mr. Amit Gujaral (In Board of Directors of the Company Encardio RITE ), Prag Industries MD Mr. Rakesh Jain, Mr.Gokul Jain & Mr.Sarthak Jain (In Board of Directors of the Prag Industries) and all the employees of AMA Herbal and their families for day and night match followed by dinner.

The league was exhilarated event and full of activities for the employees.Here we share the glimpse of AMA Inter Industrial Cricket League. Have fun for the play and Go Green for the Mother Nature! For more

Thursday, 10 Sep 2015

AMA Participation in NBT Corporate Cricket League!

AMA‬ Herbal Laboratories Private Limited participated in ‪NBT‬ Corporate Cricket League 2015 on Saturday 4th Sept at ‎MBClub‬ Lucknow. AMA Herbal team defeated Gyan in the first round of the match. Here we share the proud moment of our team with Utsav NBT.

Saturday, 22 Aug 2015

Living with Nature

“The proper use of science is not to conquer nature, but to live in it,” - Barry Commoner

How can we live with nature? Don’t we need to conquer nature to construct dams, to create gadgets and to build factories? Don’t we need to outsmart nature to create smart cities?
No we don’t need to. We can use more eco-friendly options such as create products which cause lesser damage, minimize usage and control wastage and use recycled waste as raw material.

Let us take some examples of how we can live with nature and develop a sustainable lifestyle.

a)    Organic food- From cereals to spices, from snacks to pulses, products are available in the market which are free from pesticides (or use natural pesticides). There are more and more innovative products being launched from organic tea and coffee to organic oils and condiments. The damage caused by chemical preservatives has been proven in research and natural preservatives are slowly catching up in F & B industry.

b)    Health and Wellness products- Green food supplements, blood purifier, immunity support products are gaining popularity and new herbal medicines and supplements are being launched every day. Babies tend to be more sensitive and special products are also available for babies and new mothers.

c)    Nature care cosmetics- The range of natural cosmetics include products for skin care, hair care, body care, eye care, oral care and feminine hygiene. New products which have come up in recent few years include lip balm, herbal kajal and herbal moisturizer.

d)    Home care products- The category includes fragrances, home utilities, gift items and devotional products (like agarbathies). Many products are available for home decoration like wall décor etc. Bags, purses and clutches made of jute have also become popular.

e)    Home & office construction- Whether it is exposed brickwork or natural ventilation and cooling, there is an increased demand for eco friendly construction. Few decades ago there was only one architect Laurie Baker known for such practices, but now there are many such architects across India building both homes and offices which are environment friendly. Eco-tourism has also become popular which encourages hotels and other tourism services to be more ecological.

Benefits of Living with nature

Living in harmony with nature can reduce waste, improve community relations, encourage innovation within company and often reduce costs by using recycled waste etc.

Living with nature is the need of the hour. It is in the interest of the humanity to spread this ecological awareness as soon as possible before we reach a point of no return.

“Pollution is a signal that the ecological systems on which we depend for our life and our livelihood have begun to break down and are approaching the point of no return.” - Barry Commoner

Saturday, 13 Jun 2015

Stay Cool in Hot Summers

Tips to survive Indian summers

Heat wave was announced officially in India (parts of) recently. So it has become a priority to think of ways to be physically and mentally cool in this scorching and deadly heat. Here are some tips we would like to suggest to survive the heat:-

Skin care

Sensitive skin is one of the first victims of the scorching heat. As most of us know the UV rays of sun are harmful for the skin and more so in the summers with high temperatures intensifying the effect.  Sun screen lotion becomes the basic protective gear especially for women or men with sensitive skin.
Some other products which you can use to take care of your skin and keep it healthy include under eye cream, face pack, fairness cream, face wash, anti wrinkle cream and anti acne cream. It is good to consult a dermatologist or skin specialist to understand your unique sensitivities and nature of your skin to find out suitable products.

For more about natural skin care products must visit the natural and organic online portal site  www.webuynatural.com


Kokam fruit of Maharshtra/ Goa and coconut in coastal India have coolant properties for the body and can prevent dehydration and related problems. Lemonade is popular in other parts of India. Keep a water bottle handy when travelling and refill it as and when possible. Eat lot of juicy fruits and raw vegetables with high water content like cucumber.

In case you are travelling, it is good to keep a right sized thermos bottle depending upon your family size and distance of travel. Many people faint due to dehydration and extreme heat and need to be rushed to a general physician immediately.

Cover your head

Cover your head to avoid a heat stroke. Use a cap or similar stuff. In case you drive a two wheeler, clean your helmet regularly in summer as sweating can make it smell and breed micro organisms.

Avoid temperature fluctuation as far as possible

Many of us move out of chilled air conditioned rooms into hot climate outside and have bouts of sneezing. Give some time to your body to adapt by waiting in the shade for few minutes before stepping out. At your home or owned office, keep your air conditioning at moderately cold temperature only.

Keep the children and old people safe

Children and old people are the most sensitive to heat stroke and other summer related problems. Keep an extra watch on their needs and sensitivities.

Stay safe, spread affection

We appreciate people who do voluntary service of offering drinking water on main roads to the travelers. Let the summers get a little cooler by spreading some unconditional affection to your family and people around you.

For more visit our website

Tuesday, 09 Jun 2015


Planting the right ideas for a healthy future!

With a living vision- “Strive to enable world realize and be benefitted with full strength of natural products for a better life, better future and healthy living today, tomorrow and forever and focus an area of large concern – Health & Environment.” AMA Herbal works since the 1996 with nature’s gift by manufacturing of herbal products for the wellness of the people, has taken a step towards the “Environment Protection Drive” and Public Awareness Program to protect our “Green Future” and avoid Nature’s Fury.

On this prestigious event Mr.Yawer Ali Shah, CEO and Co-Founder of AMA Herbal said “We all make a resolution in the “New Year” now let’s make a resolution on this “Environment Day” to make a healthy environment for our generations to come….” He further adds “Use of natural products with a motto “Live Natural, Buy Natural” would make us healthy and it is my urge from all of you to stop using chemical products and “Go Natural” and add little things in your life to save our planet for our Green Future…..this is our little effort towards a giant step for environment protection”.

The event started with a Road Show at Hindi Bhawan at 4 PM and followed by Plantation Drive at Chadiyamau. The event was attended by MD of AMA Herbal Mr.Masood Zaidi, CEO and Co-founder of AMA Herbal Mr.Y.A Shah, Ms Shabana Shah (In board of directors of the company), Ms Jabeen Masood (In board of directors of the company) and whole AMA Herbal Staff.

Thursday, 04 Jun 2015


The Rendezvous of Natural Products @ CMS Community Radio

 Lucknow city folks got the “Real Infotainment” about natural products in presence of Mr. Y.A Shah CEO & Co-founder of AMA Herbal at CMS Community Radio 90.4 MHz in rendezvous with RJ Soma during their environment awareness programme “Savare Dhara Nikhare Paryavaran”.

The listeners were curious to know what herbal products really are and what actual benefits do they give to their skin. Mr. Y.A Shah answered the queries and satisfied the buzzing audience / excited listeners with his 20 years of experience in manufacturing of herbal products (Since 1996) for the “Wellness of the people” while sharing motto to “Save the mother earth”.

Winding up of this live interview chat ended with the key note given by Mr. Shah on the upcoming environmental day “Protecting the environment by adding little things in your life”. However,he took a sincere pledge on the D-Day for saving the “mother earth” for our future generations.

Here we share some glimpses of that programme held on 2nd June 2015 broadcasted @ 9 to 10 am. We at AMA stay commited to continue preserving and nurturing nature.


Saturday, 23 May 2015


Striving for Better, and Better and Better Products
The Role of Innovation and R&D at AMA group

 “Imagination is not only the uniquely human capacity to envision that which is not, and, therefore, the foundation of all invention and innovation. In it’s arguably most transformative and revelatory capacity, it is the power that enables us to empathize with humans whose experiences we have never shared.” 

― J.K. Rowling, Author of Harry Potter series

Japanese have an interesting concept, “Kaizen” which means continuous improvement. We can create better and better products only if we believe that we can make it even better and better. We at AMA believes that excellence continuously evolves and perfection never exists.

No wonder we innovate continuously to create better products. Let us look at some of the interesting innovations we have done in technology and process and how they are making our world better.

Innovations in Technology

1. After extracting the natural dyes, some part is still left in the raw material though it is low on colouring strength. Our R & D team used it to make “Herbal Gulal” or color run  powder. In fact one more innovation which has been done is to use cold extraction process, which saves a lot of energy required for extraction.

2. Potassium permanganate (PP) used in giving fading /wash effects to denim jeans, causes lot of pollution. Our R&D has developed a product VegeBoost which is an extract from waste of plant Cicer, it is added to the solution of PP, thus cutting down its use by a half.

3. Every medicinal herb has one major constituent responsible for its medicinal properties. Our R&D has developed the process of extracting the most potent form of that constituent. We call this concentrated extract as Bio Pharma Active, which make our medicinal and body care products highly effective.

Innovations in Process

Our chemists have developed a process of dyeing of textile at room temperature with natural dyes, making them even more eco-friendly. The process has been tested by Raymond for tinting of the denim they produce. The process saves on both heat energy and cost.

Global recognitions and certifications

Our company has been certified an ISO: 9001-2008 organization by TUV. Other prestigious certifications which we have received include GMP, GOTS Version IV and REACH certified company. (The natural dyes are certified by Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) by Control Union of Netherlands. Vegetal Bio Colour is approved by Dubai Municipality and SGS India Ltd. The Gulal /colour run  powder is certified as per cosmetics standards of the European Union)

And the journey continues

The relentless efforts of the AMA team has created a string of successes. The company not only emerged as the world leader in natural textile dyes, but the only company successful in commercialization of extract form of natural dyes.  We are the makers of the world’s first PPD Free Hair Colour (in dark colours) known as Vegetal Bio Colour.

Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India has appreciated innovations made by the company in the area of natural colouring and hence the in-house R & D centre has been recognized by DSIR (Department of Scientific & Industrial Research).

Today the company is proud to have a client base which includes the well known giants Arvind Mills, Raymonds, BOSSA  and so on. And we have a dedicated department to integrate the R & D with the markets and the consumer.

We don’t really feel surprised when consumers from USA to India fall in love with our products and usually stay in love as loyal users thereafter.

 For more about us visit our website


Saturday, 09 May 2015


Natural Products-Better Health, Cleaner Environment

“Our bodies are our gardens – our wills are our gardeners.”  ~William Shakespeare

According to Wikipedia, “A natural product is a chemical compound or substance produced by a living organism—that is, found in nature. The term natural product has also been extended for commercial purposes to refer to cosmetics, dietary supplements, and foods produced from natural sources without added artificial ingredients.”

Let us look at some of the benefits of natural products or why we should use natural products:-

Sustainable & recyclable/ biodegradable- Natural products are biodegradable or can be recycled back easily. It is believed that some products like polythene and plastic take hundreds of years to get decomposed and recycled and are hence dangerous for environment. During the tsunami in December 2004 in Chennai, loads of polythene was found on sea shores. It was a signal from nature that nature had returned back to us what it could not decompose and recycle.

Petroleum-based plastics like PET don't decompose the same way organic material does. Wood, grass and other natural products go through biodegradation when they're buried, and they are decomposed by microbes such as bacteria in the soil into other useful compounds.

Eco friendly and non-polluting- Natural products do not cause any type of pollution to the environment (air / water/ noise/ soil) and are more environment friendly in that sense. Eco friendly is a short form of ecology friendly, which means it is not harmful to the environment in any way.

Medical treatment without side effects- Natural products sometimes have a biological activity which can be utilized for therapeutic benefit in treating illnesses and diseases. While traditional medicine systems like Ayurveda and Unani medicine use natural products, some of the modern medicines also use natural products.

Go Natural, Buy Natural

Few decades back, we had a slogan in India, “Be Indian, Buy Indian”, but the world has globalised now and bodies like WTO are encouraging and supporting free trade between nations. Now the time has come to go more and more natural and buy natural. Natural catastrophes that we are seeing across the world are nature’s reminders to us that we are mere tenants of the Universe and not the owners.
We need to know our limits and respect nature to avoid nature’s fury.

“By cleansing your body on a regular basis and eliminating as many toxins as possible from your environment, your body can begin to heal itself, prevent disease, and become stronger and more resilient than you ever dreamed possible!”  ~Dr. Edward Group III


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