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"Rising Need of A Dermatologist in People's Day to Day Life"

Dermatologist Advice is Essential for Cosmetic Selection !

The skin is the largest organ of our body and hence you can estimate its importance in our lives. Today, consumers are constantly bombarded with advertisements of a variety of cosmetic products. These products advertisements are visually very attractive to play on consumers’ psychology and influence their preferences.

Here we need a dermatologist friend who not only builds awareness about how to take care of our skin, but also helps us to choose the right product that suits to our individual skin type.

AMA, Vegetal Wellness Clinic concept is a bridge between the people and the dermatologist, working towards the wellness of the whole community. Only the dermatologist guidance in choosing the right product according to skin type can result in growing and healthy skin.

For more about rising need of a dermatologist in your day to day life, read our article in The Times of India, Times Health Supplement dated October 1; 2014 in fourth page.