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Seminar on Emerging Trends in Fashion and Visual Arts

World RE-turns To Nature!

CEO & Co-founder of AMA Herbal Mr. Y.A Shah being honoured as the “Key Note Speaker- World RE-turns to Nature” with felicitation trophy in the National Seminar on “Emerging Trends in Fashion and Visual Arts” organized by Amity School of Fashion Technology & Fine Arts on 26th March, 2015 at Lucknow Campus.

The Seminar was packed with the pull of academicians, research scholars, professionals & students. The objective behind the seminar was to empower, educate & connect participants. However, provide the participants leading platforms in various globule of fashion and visual arts by bringing together like-minded individuals from the industry and academics.

In his key note address “World RE-turns to Nature” Mr.Shah talked about the innovation as an achievement but innovating recycled stuff as a success. He highlights the need of sustainability with some defining points of sustainable fashion or Eco fashion as a part of the larger trend of sustainable design, where a product is created or designed with consideration of environment and social responsibility.

In his key note he mentioned that words carry “RE” with them e.g. REVIEW, RECREATE, REACCEPT & READAPT have great importance in the world of sustainability, which he significantly highlights in the title of his message with “WORLD RE- TURNS TO NATURE”. For more click here: