Extract Form Of Natural Dyes For Industrial Consumption

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We AMA Herbal Laboratories Private Limited are focused on industrial consumption of natural dyes. We have developed several new processes of dyeing with natural dyes. We are the only natural dyes manufacturing company who has gained success for making use of Extract Form of Natural Dyes in the Textile Industry.

We also have Developed Range of Textile Auxiliaries that are especially made for natural dyes and are not available anywhere else to meet the demands of the growing Textile Industry.

USP Of Our Natural Dyes:


We are following `Best Out of Waste’ practice after making Extract Form of Natural Dyes in the wind up stage of manufacturing of goods and services. Natural dyes are being extracted from the treasure of the mother earth and its waste can domestically utilize as a fuel supplement for the poor. We AMA Herbal produce best natural and environmental friendly products from our own running In-House  R&D programme and ascertain that “We Do Best Out of Waste” practice and generating rural empowerment after utilizing natural resources for making natural extracts.

MEDICINAL PROPERTIES : Most of the natural dyes have found their space in the Indian Ayurvedic Medicines. These are carrying medicinal properties and useful for clothing in terms of our day to day necessities e.g. towels, undergarments and bed sheets, etc.
People from around the world are now more conscious about their health than before. Medicinal properties in day to day clothing are beneficial for health and  we AMA Herbal taking care of these aspects because we care for the wellness of the people with the blessings of the Mother Earth.

CERTIFICATION : Our Natural Dyes are certified on

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Version V by control Union of Netherlands

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Natural Dyes’ raw material is mostly collected from the forests and left over for domestic or industrial consumption. All of this generate huge amount of employment opportunities to the poor.  Apart from this, Natural Indigo and Madder are being cultivated especially for Natural Dyes and  provoke huge amount of employment to the farmers.

Natural Dyes utilization triggers rural empowerment and it is our corporate social responsibility that we should have taken care of the Natural Plants when they have been used for industrial consumption and should promote "Best Out of Waste Practice" after their utilization.

Our speciality process of extraction has been able to deliver most standardized form of superior quality of natural dyes and  these are ready to use in extract form.

Our Range of Extract Form Of Natural Dyes Include:

1)    Bio Indigo® : Natural Dye From Plant Indigoferra tinctoria

2)    Insect® : Natural Dye From Rhizome of Rheum emodi

3)    Bee® : Natural Dye From Acacia catechu

4)    Mallow® : Natural Dye From Plant Punica granatum

5)    Kareel® : Natural Dye From Terminalia chebula

6)    Nimbus® : Natural Dye From Kerria lacca

7)    Rubia® : Natural Dye From Rubia cardifolia

8)    Basant : Natural Dye From Butea monosperma and Curcuma longa

9)    Flame : Natural Dye From Mallotus philippensis 

Below is the chart given of our extract form of natural dyes and their suitable application on the Industrial Machines :

 Natural textile Dyes for Industrial use

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1. Natural Textile Dyes Shade Card Of Cotton
2. Natural Natural Textile Dyes Shade Card Of Silk 1
3. Natural Textile Dyes Shade Card Of Silk 2
4. Natural Textile Dyes Shade Card Of Wool