Environmental Friendly Textile Finishing Agent


Blue Jeans is a flourishing business throughout the world from decades. On the other hand, fading effect on them leaves a great impression in people’s mind i.e. popular since the 90s and to meet the demands of that desired look, Sandblasting technique was discovered (Sandblasting is the passing of sand on to jeans abrasively in high pressure.) Though, industry reached the demands of their consumers by work done with Potassium permanganate but it leads to health hazards like, Nausea, oral ulceration and other life threatening diseases as well.

To counter act the problems faced by sandblasting workers in the industry, we AMA Herbal Laboratories Private Limited, the only commercialized company of making extract form of Natural Dyes, presents its unique product VegeBoostTM a “Textile Finishing Agent” for denim finishing that contains natural extracts to replace the harmful effects of Potassium Permanganate.

Now in denim finishing quantity of Potassium Permanganate can be reduced up to 40%.