Insect: Natural Dye From Rhizome of Rheum emodi

Common Name: Himalayan rhubarb
Botanical Name: Rheum emodi
Natural Dye: Yellow Dye Stuff for Textile/ Light Brown

Insect is a natural dye extracted from rhizome of Rheum emodi; it is a mordant category of dye in natural dyes. It gives bright yellow, brown colour and changes with the change of pre treatment auxiliary in the process of dyeing.

Insect dye is made of Rheum emodi i.e well accepted by the name of Himalayan rhubarb. This plant shares core medicinal values in the Indian Ayurveda, it acquires anti-inflammatory and anti–bacterial properties.  It exists in an elevation of 4000 meters in the sub alpine and alpine Himalayas. 

Rheum emodi or Himalayan rhubarb is a conventional natural dye used for textile. It makes bright yellow and brown colour and obtains an odoriferous property.