AMA Herbal - Natural Indigo Denim Manufacturer

Bio Indigo®: Natural Dye From Plant Indigofera tinctoria

Common Name: Natural Indigo
Botanical Name: Indigofera tinctoria
Natural Dye: Blue Dye Stuff for textile

Bio Indigo® is a Natural Dye extracted from Plant Indigofera tinctoria. It is the only VAT category of dye in Natural Dyes. Dyeing is done as per the process of VAT dyeing with NaOH and Hydrosulphite of Soda. It is the only powder form of Indigo certified on GOTS Version III by Control Union of Netherlands.

Plant Indigofera tinctoria also recognized as True Indigo is a natural dye for being used since the ancient times to fabricate “arresting blues”. This fabulous plant shared ancient herbal medicinal properties to counter many diseases. One of the major characteristics of the Natural Indigo is that it is a legume and transformed infertile land to fertile.

Bio Indigo® gives deep blue color on wool, silk, cotton etc. It exhibits good fastness to washing, crocking and light. We are among the largest exporter of Natural Indigo in India.